High winds mean serious cold. Know what you’re up against -> Wind Chill Index


about radar images


Infrared                               Visible                              Water Vapor

 Alaska                                 Alaska                              Alaska

Pacific Ocean                   Pacific Ocean                    Pacific Ocean


Nenana <here>
Alaska Climate Research Center <here>
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Arctic Cam <here>
Festival Fairbanks, Golden Heart Plaza <here>

Snow Data

SNOTEL – Fairbanks F.O. <here>
SNOTEL – Bonanza Creek <here>
SNOTEL – Caribou Snow Pillow <here>
SNOTEL – Little Chena Ridge <here>
SNOTEL – Munson Ridge <here>
SNOTEL – Upper Nome Creek <here>
SNOTEL – Mt. Ryan <here>
SNOTEL – Monument Creek <here>
SNOTEL – Teuchet Creek <here>
SNOTEL – Upper Chena Pillow <here>
SNOTEL – Eagle Summit <here>

Weather Sations

Alaska Railroad Clickable Weather Map <here>
AK-DOT @ MP 325.4 – Parks Hwy – Nenana Hills <here>
AK-DOT @ MP 307.2 – Richardson Hwy – Birch Lake <here>
AK-DOT @ MP 292.6 – Richardson Hwy – Tenderfoot <here>

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