NEWS….. check your local avalanche bulletin/advisory before you ride.

  • Check out THROTTLE DECISIONS: a video series made in BC for riding safety.
  • Give the gift of a lifetime, sign you and yours up for an avalanche class. Gain knowledge and skills that will help you LIVE TO RIDE ANOTHER DAY.
  • North Road Productions and Peninsula Snowmachine shops are teaming with avalanche educators for 2014-2015 bringing riding safety information to Kenai
  • What about Snow-bikes? A new and different way to play in the mountains.

Quick Links for Snowmachiners

Register for a snowmachine specific avalanche course near you!

Snowmachines have the ability to cover significantly more terrain than other backcountry travelers. As a result, snowmachiners have the potential to expose themselves to much more avalanche terrain. Good routes and travel habits can reduce the risk of getting caught in a slide.

Do you have the avalanche skills to live to ride another day?

Think about your group…do they have the skills to dig you out?

The Alaska Avalanche Information Center is working with NAOI, AIARE and the AAA to assist in the development of curriculum standards and course progression guidelines for snowmobile specific avalanche education in the US. We have been working towards this goal for several years, making headway towards the development and implementation of pertinent and effective avalanche education designed specifically for snowmobilers. If you have ideas or want to schedule a snowmachine specific class for your riding group or club, please contact us.

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  1. Great Job providing free weather discussions, avalanche bulletins, and snow observation pages all season. Thank you for your tremendous efforts is keeping the backcountry travellers of this great state safe.
    -Bill E. Mitchell

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