Fairbanks Area Snow Observations

A relatively small fraction of terrain often frequented by backcountry travelers has a professional daily avalanche forecast available. For this reason, the Alaska Avalanche Information Center encourages users to share what they see.

Please contribute your avalanche, snow and weather observations in the comments below. It could help save lives!

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2 thoughts on “Fairbanks

  1. Marc 24, 2014 Ester Dome, SE slope
    Clear skies, warm (1°C), moderate wind at the top, light wind in the mature birch forest on the slope.

    Snow depth range from a few centimeters of wind crust on the summit to 55 cm of facets layers interspersed between rain crusts at the bottom of the slope. Both show recent sign of melt activity.
    I dug the snow pit at the bottom of the slope after a nice tree skiing run on spring snow. Recent disappearance of the sun freeze the crust.

    CT and ECT show not failure of the snowpack.

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