AAIC Mission:

To support and promote avalanche forecasts, education, research, professional development, and networking of practitioners in the pursuit of healthy lifestyles and the reduction of unintentional injury and death.

AAIC Goals:

The AAIC strives to increase public awareness and safety through avalanche education, research, and the networking of avalanche practitioners.

AAIC Objectives:

  • Provide public avalanche forecasts and snow observation information.
  • Provide high quality avalanche forecasting and rescue skills training.
  • Encourage snow observers and sharing of snow, weather, and avalanche observations.
  • Strengthen community connections between business, industry, government, search and rescue organizations, and winter recreation groups.
  • Promote and facilitate practitioner data collection and exchange.
  • Promote and facilitate snow and avalanche research.
  • Promote and facilitate continuing professional development.

AAIC Core Values:

  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Awareness

The Alaska Avalanche Information Center (2008) includes the Anchorage Avalanche Center (2012), the Cordova Avalanche Center (2004), the Eastern Alaska Range Avalanche Center (2015), the Haines Avalanche Information Center (2010), the Hatcher Pass Avalanche Center (2010) and the Valdez Avalanche Center (2005).

Alaska Statute: AS 18.76.010 

Sec. 18.76.010. Participation in statewide avalanche warning system. 
The Department of Public Safety, acting in cooperation with a municipality or with an agency of the federal government, shall participate in the development and implementation of a statewide avalanche warning system and shall represent the state in the operation of that system. The statewide system shall 
(1) establish and maintain a service center and primary and supplementary field stations to gather information and data concerning ground weather conditions, snow pack, and avalanche  activity; 
(2) Forecast snow avalanche conditions throughout the state; 
(3) Coordinate a public awareness program on avalanche danger; 
(4) Catalog a comprehensive atlas of avalanche paths and slide occurrences; and 
(5) Assist local governments and state agencies in identifying hazardous avalanche zones and in developing snow/avalanche zoning regulations.

AAIC Operating Standards: <here>

AAIC Bylaws: <here>