Additional Training

Additional Avalanche Training

Your local ski patrol is a good resource for upcoming avalanche training.
  • Nordic Ski Patrol Anchorage  <here>
  • Juneau Ski Patrol  <here>
  • Mt. Eyak Ski Patrol  <here>
  • Fairbanks Ski Patrol  <here>
  • Alyeska Ski Patrol  <here>

For avalanche training outside Alaska please refer to the following: AIARE, AAA, CAA, YAA.

2 thoughts on “Additional Training

  1. I am trying to get enrolled in an avalanche safety course somewhere within alaska. Do you know if there are any courses coming up soon and who i need to caontact to get enrolled? I am hoping to find one before spring snowmachining begins.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Tiffany!

      You can check our page at which shows a list of all the avalanche courses we are aware of in Alaska this year. By clicking on the blue linked ‘x’ you will be taken to the site and organization that is offering the course. Or, you can call us anytime and we can help you out, our number is 907-255-2242.

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