Avalanche Accidents and Incidents in Alaska

As backcountry recreation has increased, the number of accidents unfortunately has also increased.  This list of accident reports is meant to be used as an educational tool that we can learn from, and hopefully not place ourselves in similar positions. A running list of avalanche accidents in the U.S, can be seen on the American Avalanche Association website.

Here is a link to information on outdoor accidents in Alaska. Many have died. Let’s learn from their stories. Check it out here.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center has compiled avalanche accident statistics since 1950.  Please see their site for a listing of charts and graphs organized by state, activity, user group, age, and burial depths of all documented accidents in the United States.

fatalities by state

If you have a close-call or accident, please report it to us using the form below so others may learn from your situation.  If you wish to keep the details unpublished, we respect that, please still let us know. The conditions that caused your close-call could kill someone else.

2014-2015 season: 1 FATALITY IN ALASKA

  • 20141206 Isabel Pass 1 ski fatality, 1 dog fatality, 1 survivor. Read news article <here>

2013-2014 season: 1 FATALITY IN ALASKA

  • 20140315 Haines 1 heli ski fatality. Summary <here>. Freeskier article <here>.
  • 20140111 Valdez near-miss Brown’s Creek

2012-2013 season: 1 FATALITY IN ALASKA

2011-2012 season: 6 FATALITIES IN ALASKA

2010-2011 season: 5 FATALITIES IN ALASKA

2009-2010 season: 5 FATALITIES IN ALASKA

2008-2009 season: 2 FATALITIES IN ALASKA

2007-2008 season: 4 FATALITIES IN ALASKA

2006-2007 season: 0 FATALITIES IN ALASKA

2005-2006 season: 4 FATALITIES IN ALASKA

2004-2005 season: 1 FATALITY IN ALASKA

2003-2004 season: 3 FATALITIES IN ALASKA

2002-2003 season: 4 FATALITIES IN ALASKA

2001-2002 season: 11 FATALITIES IN ALASKA

2000-2001 season: 4 FATALITIES IN ALASKA

1999-2000 season: 5 FATALITIES IN ALASKA

1998-1999 season: 12 FATALITIES IN ALASKA

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