The Alaska Avalanche Information Center would not be possible without your support and input. Please direct your questions, suggestions, and snow or avalanche observations to:
phone: 907.255.AAIC (general)
  907.980-0332 (Executive Director)
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Brown, Aaron
Valdez Search & Rescue Team
2015 Individual Donors
Ralph Baldwin
Will Boardman
Tucker Chenoweth
Bryn Clark
Dana Drummond
Garrett Evridge
Anna Ferntheil
Jonathon Gauthier
Matthew Goudreau
Casey Grove
Heather Hanson
Ryan Hanson
Phil Hess
Kenneth Hill
Gerald Houser
George Ingebo
Signe Johnson
Dorothy Kallam
Chase Kelly
Eeva Latosuo
Jason Leppi
Katrina Libby
Sean Lowther
Christopher Moulton
David Musgrave
Mark Norquist
Mark Oldmixion
David Payer
Dante Petri
Willie Prittie
Kevin Quinn
William Romberg
Brett Roth
Jonathan Rupp
Jae Shin
Carrie Smith
Josh Waters

Max Wittenburg

2014, 2015  Kevin Salys & Monica Morin, Valdez
2013 Dusty Reed, Valdez
2012 Katreen Wikstroem, Valdez
2011 Sam Benoit, Valdez
2010-2012 Ethan Davis, Valdez
2009 Jordan Pond & Brad Deringer, Valdez
2008 Elise Leahy, Valdez